beat365(中国)官方VIP入口-Super App

beat365(中国)官方VIP入口-Super App


1.Manufacturer or trading company? Where is the company located?
Leiditech is a manufacturer of semiconductor electronic components production, research and development, and sales.
Address: 2nd Floor, Building A, No.518 Kangshan Road, Kangqiao, Pudong, Shanghai, China

2.How many people are there in the company? What is the turnover of your company? 
Leiditech has 35 people in the office, and the company will have a turnover of $20 million by 2023

3.What parts can the company supply?

4.How long have you been involved in this market?
Leiditech was founded in late 2010, and the company's founders have been in the semiconductor industry since 2004

5.Where are the main markets? 
Major markets: Communication security, automotive electronics, medical electronics, lighting, industrial products and consumer electronics

6.How many agents or wholesalers are there overseas?
About eight

7.Can we use the specified packing method? 
Of course, you can use the packaging method you specify

8.Do you have your warehouse?
Leiditech have our own warehouse, with two warehouses: Shanghai warehouse and Guangdong warehouse

9.Can we offer quotations for the products not shown on the website?
There are many Leiditech products, the official website shows typical product part numbers. Products that do not appear can also be quoted by a Raymarine salesperson.

10.Does the product itself support OEM customization?
Large quantity of customized products. OEM customization is available

11.What's the min quantity?
Different products according to the different prices will have different MOQ Leiditech generally according to USD300 or so;

12.Can you provide a product catalog?
Yes, Leiditech has the 2024 product  catalog in both English and Chinese and the catalog in English

13.Are samples available free of charge? 

14.Mass production time and delivery time.
60 days. Leiditech's got plenty of stock

15.About the terms and conditions of payment.
Payment:TT in advance

16.Product after-sales service scope and service period.
two years
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